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Community Update

(5th May 2022)

May 5, 2022

An Anglican informational class with the Rev. Susan Dennen-Rodriguez continues through the remaining Sundays of Easter, from 12:20-1:00 p.m. in the White Room. This class is bilingual and multi-generational, as needed, and is open to anyone wishing to learn more about Anglicanism.

Have you taken the Christ Church Worship Service Times survey? See the survey link on the church Facebook pages and in this newsletter, & take the survey today to help us plan well.

Upcoming music concerts at Christ Church, organized courtesy of our organist Antonio Ortega Rivera. If there is any way you can support this new Christ Church, please do! You will not regret a calm, beautiful evening of music by young, talented, local musicians.

1. Friday, May 20th. 6.30pm. $100 mxp/person.
Benefit concert. Music for solo Viola da gamba.
Diego Segoviano, viola da gamba; Frida Castañeda, violonchelo; Antonio Ortega, bajo continuo.

2. Friday, June 17th. 6.30pm. $150mxp/person.
Season closing concert. Primavera me hace cantar. *This is a repeat of our first, fabulous concert by the group Antonio directs.
Alio Modo Ensamble.

Pentecost Sunday, June 5th, we will combine the 11:00 and 1:00 p.m. services into a single, multi-lingual service at 11:00 a.m. You may wish to wear red, and please stay for coffee, cake, & conversation after the service.

Dear Parents– We love having children at Christ Church! There is no Sunday school this Sunday, but we will provide a small table outdoors with some lectionary-based activities for your children. Marisela may be available to sit outside with you and your children and help you care for them, but she is not the teacher on those mornings. At least one parent needs to accompany their child(ren). You know your children’s needs and learning styles better than anyone else, so we count on your expertise to help us serve your children well.

Out of respect for other church members enjoying coffee hour and/or the 1 p.m. worship service, please keep your children in your sight once the 11 a.m. service has concluded.
Thank you!

Do you wish you were receiving the weekly Community Weekly news bulletin from Christ Church? And/or would you like a pastoral meeting with one of the clergy? Please fill out a contact information slip from the Ushers’ table, and indicate your need.

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