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Letter from Rev. Elisabeth Sinclair

30th April 2022

Rev. Elisabeth Sinclair

Apr 29, 2022

Dearest Christ Church,

One year ago this week, Bryan and I arrived in Mexico City for our in-person interviews with Christ Church! The church hosted several lovely small-group receptions as well as one-to-one encounters. Jennifer Holden and Mary Rosa Casar filled the rectory with colorful gerbera daisies. It was such a special time, and we felt lovingly welcomed. And now, a year later, we remain thrilled to have been invited to live beside you and share life and faith together.

Many of the Easter season Scripture stories hint at how to be the resurrection family of God. Last week, we heard of Jesus appearing amidst the terrified and cloistered disciples, whose hopes had been dashed, who feared for their safety, and who must have been questioning their next steps in life. Jesus proclaimed peace to them several times. He did not want them to remain locked away behind closed doors, afraid of the world around them. Yes, there would be dangers. But Jesus had prepared them for those dangers. He had gone before them and was now sending them out in the same way the Father had sent him. I’m not sure how comforting an assignment that was, given that they had only recently watched Jesus be betrayed, abandoned, tortured, and killed... Jesus then breathed on them and imparted the Holy Spirit to them to help them with the assignment he was entrusting to them. Among other things, he gave them, collectively, the work of extending forgiveness of sins. They and we are Christ’s emissaries of reconciliation.

Have you experienced Jesus bringing you peace this week? You might pause for a moment and relive the experience, thanking him for that good gift. Could Jesus be calling you to face a scary (reconciliatory?) task this Easter? How has he equipped you for this task? Would it help to visualize, welcome, trust, and embrace the empowering help of God’s Holy Spirit? Could you ask a brother or sister from Christ Church to share with you in the task that lies ahead so that you are less alone? We are better together.

Jesus’ peace be with you,

Rev. Elisabeth

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