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Update to our Community

(23rd January, 2022)

Mother Elisabeth Sinclair

Jan 28, 2022


What’s New at Christ Church This Week?

This week, we are sending off three dear-to-us ministers from our community. Padre Quintín Alcazar Uribe has been with us for over three years, assisting in the Spanish-speaking service. He is a former Roman Catholic priest who is hoping to be received into the Anglican Communion, so the bishop will soon transition him to another church, where he can gain additional experience and continue his Anglican formation. Adrian Cajiga and Antonio Pacheco, also formerly Roman Catholic, have been our seminarians for several years. They have been ministering at Christ Church while also serving 7 (!) mission parishes in Hidalgo, and they are now formally transitioning to full-time ministry in Hidalgo.

We have benefited greatly from these three men’s presence among us, and we will miss them enormously, but we pray God’s continued grace and power for them in their new contexts.

Important dates

February 2nd, 2022, 9:00 a.m. Facebook Live service ~ The Presentation of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Temple
February 15th-April 12th, Tuesday evenings, 7-8:30 p.m. (in person & virtual options), Way of Love small group curriculum of interaction and spiritual renewal. Sign-up here:
February 27th ~ Bilingual Annual Meeting, time & other details still pending.

Some 2022 Needs at Christ Church: Can you help?

1. Children’s ministry providers to help Rev. Elisabeth plan and implement meaningful formation experiences and learning for children. This could mean presenting a children’s sermon once or month or serving in the nursery 1-2x/month, designing and overseeing the volunteer schedule, etc. Various options and commitment levels are available. Please contact her ASAP to indicate your willingness to help.

2. Additional videographers & social media communication assistants for Sunday worship services and special events; training provided.

What’s Ongoing at Christ Church?

Financial Stewardship Update:
We have surpassed the number of pledges we received last year. This is a great joy! Thank you, each one, who has offered your financial gifts to support Christ Church. Your generosity and faith are enabling Christ Church leadership to make a fiscally wise yet comprehensive plan for the coming year.

We welcome children in worship services! However, for COVID safety reasons, we request families with unvaccinated children (&/or adults) to sit outdoors. Parents, please keep your children close to you throughout the service, including during the Eucharist, and consider bringing quiet toys, stuffed animals, &/or books to keep your children engaged. If you need a quiet space in which to give your children a snack, change their diapers, etc., you are welcome to use the nursery.

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