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Community Update

(25th March 2022)

Mar 25, 2022

What’s Ongoing at Christ Church?

• Christ Church has various services planned for Holy Week, for more information on times and content, please click here:

• Christ Church needs additional videographers & social media communication assistants for Sunday worship services (both languages) and special events; training provided.

• (Nearly) every Sunday except the last Sunday of the month, toddlers - 5th graders may gather at the colorful room on the ground floor at 10:55. They will return to their families before Holy Eucharist. Children’s bulletins and crayons and paper are available every Sunday morning for anyone who wants/needs to doodle during the service.

• Do you wish to receive Christ Church’s weekly email updates? Or, would you like to schedule an appointment with Rev. Elisabeth or Padre Germán? Please complete a registration form from the table at the back of the church, and indicate your need.

• We welcome children in worship services! However, for COVID safety reasons, we request families with unvaccinated children (&/or adults) to sit outdoors. Parents, please keep your children close to you throughout the service, including during the Eucharist, and consider bringing quiet toys, stuffed animals, &/or books to keep your children engaged. If you need a quiet space in which to give your children a snack, change their diapers, etc., you are welcome to use the nursery.

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