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Introducing Mariana, Our New Treasurer

Rev. Elisabeth Sinclair

Oct 27, 2022

Q: Mariana, we are so happy you have joined Christ Church's ministry leadership team. What made you willing to say yes to this volunteer commitment at Christ Church?
A: Thank you for the warm welcome to the ministry leadership team! I feel very grateful being part of Christ Church, and getting involved allows me to give back. Also, I have heard the call to serve in the communities I am part of, particularly this year.

Q: You have lived in several countries and speak many languages. Can you share some of this story with us?
A: I have always had an interest in different cultures, and I got a degree in International Relations. Language in my opinion reveals how certain culture approaches topics and their thought pattern. The most fulfilling about living and working abroad was recognizing how similar in values we are as humans, beyond the differences on the surface.

Q: Since first attending Christ Church last January, you have actively participated in the community's life, including adopting two kittens born on the property. What gives you most hope and joy about this community?
A: I have seen here kindness in many forms, and concern beyond our most immediate needs. I truly believe that each one of us is unique and foundational, just like each one of the bricks in the property.

Q: You bring some wonderful talents to the role of Treasurer. Please share how you believe God has prepared you for this role--through your life experiences so far.
A: Probably due to my experience at financial services, working in strategy at different corporates, and the ability to bring different people and teams to accomplish goals.

Q: Can you share some favorites with us? Favorite food? Favorite movie? Favorite Mexican destination? Favorite home activity?
A: Sure! I love food in general, but I can’t live without coffee and tacos. Favorite movie: The science of Sleep -Gael Garcia is a treasure : ). Favorite Mexican destination: Oaxaca. At home, I am my happiest cooking with friends

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