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The current Christ Church building, designed by the leading Mexican architect Carlos Mijares, was constructed in 1992 and incorporates many elements of the earlier edifice, including pews, the brass lectern, and the altar. One noteworthy feature of the building is the reredos, which was designed by the great English liturgical artist Charles Eamer Kemp. It was installed in the original church in 1908 and now hangs behind the altar of the current building. It is in triptych form, with three panels hinged so that the piece can be closed in on itself during the more somber season of Lent or left open to expose the exuberant gilt carvings. The church ceilings are vaulted and glass-tiled, so that light pours in from above and sound swells. Stained glass windows accentuate the red brick with bright colors, depicting biblical scenes and characters. A small chapel and crypt are located behind the altar, providing a quiet, pretty space in which to worship God and reflect on mortality and eternity, as well as to remember loved ones who have died and whose remains are interred in the crypt.


The Church property also includes a parish hall, staff and guest offices, a nursery, a children's education classroom, a patio with attached gardens, and the White Memorial Room, which is used for small gatherings.

The newly renovated "Parish Hall" (or "Struck Hall") is a large space--able to accommodate 150 people in non-COVID times--for social gatherings, meetings, and educational classes. The Parish Hall has a well-supplied kitchen attached and is available to community organizations as varied as schools, businesses, dance clubs, wedding clubs, embassies, and musical groups. Our contracts with two local, fabulous caterer makes our Parish Hall a highly desirable venue.

The White Room, in a separate building can accommodate 40 people in non-COVID times and is decorated with more formal furniture and accessories than the rest of the buildings. It is the perfect setting for a more intimate gathering, reception, or meeting.

Adjacent to and connecting with the church, the White Room, and the Parish Hall is the patio, an outdoor space used for socializing, or sometimes for special events like the friendship fair or our July 4th barbecue.

The Church property also includes the residence of the caretaker/sexton, who is responsible for the upkeep of the building and grounds.

The whole property is gated and secure, staffed by a security guard.

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