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In July 2021, we invited a new rector to help lead our parish. We are in a period of collective discernment and imagination as we pray and dream with God about mission and ministry priorities, especially those that we can safely and effectively carry out during the pandemic. 

One ministry we have maintained through the pandemic is providing food, school supplies, and kitchen appliances and utensils to children at Casa Hogar Divina Providencia, an orphanage for children with physical and/or cognitive disabilities. (See for more information about the orphanage.)

If you know of social, spiritual, and/or material needs in the Lomas de Chapultepec neighborhood, please submit a proposal to our church office, Attn: The Rev. Elisabeth Sinclair, so that we can consider if/how we might get involved.

OUTREACH MINISTRIES pre-COVID 19, currently on hiatus

Every Friday at 2:00PM, we shared in offering a service of Healing and Holy Eucharist at the Anglican Cathedral of San José de Gracia in the historic center of the city at 139 Mesones (between Pino Suarez and Correo Mayor — metro Pino Suarez). Following the service, volunteers offered a free meal to guests. This community ministry is known as Santa Juliana de Norwich, Diocesan partners with Christ Church occasionally addressed other community needs by providing health fairs, food baskets, and medicine.


Christ Church also had an informal outreach to the patients and their families at the Hospital General. Every Monday a team of clergy and laity visited the Sala de Emergencias, offering prayers, pastoral care, and a simple supper for patients, their families, and hospital workers.


We provide meeting and/or office space for organizations such as Alcohólicos Anónimos (AA), the British and Commonwealth Benevolent Society, psychologists, an acupuncturist, and a massage therapist.

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