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Dear Members and Friends of Christ Church,


We write to seek your financial pledges and donations for our parish and its outreach in 2021.


Your support is indispensable to continuing our stated mission of being “a loving, multicultural, inclusive faith community committed to celebrating and spreading the Good Word in our parish and Mexico City.”


To plan for the coming year, it is imperative that we receive financial pledges, so we can make a budget. Our multicultural, multilingual church is entirely self-supporting.


Our finances are now totally dependent on your pledges. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, we don’t have  our usual other sources of income – the garage sales, the plate donations, the Christmas Bazaar. We have been prudent in spending.  As we search for a new rector, we must assure we can support him or her.


Many expenses are constant: clergy, staff, maintenance, the core of our fine choir, for example.


This has been, and is, a difficult year for us as a community and as individuals. Even so, in good times and bad, the Anglican/Episcopal tradition is for each and every one of  us – as we are able – to make and fulfill a financial gift pledge for the coming year.


You have to read Jesus’s words right to get the full meaning of, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”


You know it: We receive so much – especially  inner blessings and satisfaction – when we give.


As a community and as individuals, we must give, and we shall receive.

Please go to the pledge letter button and fill in your pledge form.

Yours in Christ,

Jennifer Holden, Senior Warden