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About Christ Church

We are an international and multi-cultural community of Christians. We have come to Mexico from the US, Great Britain, Canada, Nigeria, Australia, and New Zealand. Some of us are here in Mexico for a few years or months, working on diplomatic or business projects. Some of us have lived here for years, marrying, raising our children, or retiring here in Mexico City. Some of us are members of families who have lived in Mexico for generations. We are young and old (from newborns to 90-plus year olds), life-long Anglicans and newcomers to the Anglican Church, firm believers and hesitant skeptics. We are all seekers, looking to grow in faith and to live out our Christian convictions in a complex and fast-paced world.

We love a good party, and enjoy celebrating everything from the Queen’s birthday, to US Independence Day, to Nigeria Day. We love children, and we are excited about our growing Sunday School program. We love good music, and we are very proud of our choir, which inspires us with beautiful music every Sunday. We love our beautiful building, and always find ourselves moved to worship in our light-filled contemporary space. And we love newcomers and visitors, and we promise a warm welcome to all who join us for worship and fellowship.

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