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Music has always been an important part of our life at Christ Church. We use well-known traditional hymns occasionally supplemented by a new hymn.

Our choir of both amateur and professional musicians makes an important contribution to our parish life. Under the direction of Juan Ernesto Villegas, an instructor at the Escuela de Iniciación Artística No. 2 of INBA, the national fine-arts institute, the choir rehearses on Sundays, immediately before the 11:00 service. Our accomplished organist and cantor is Antonio Ortega Rivera, whose love for Christ Church is apparent in his work.


The choir’s inspiring music has regularly provided Christ Church with an important connection to the larger community. Our choir performed Mozart’s Requiem for the Instituto de Cultura de Morelos at the Teatro Ocampo and at the Convento de La Asunción de Yautepec and performed sacred and secular favorites for the British Society’s celebration of the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II.


Christ Church's annual service of Lessons and Carols before Christmas brings together English-speakers and music lovers from all over the city for this beautiful celebration.

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